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Access to 450 accredited aircraft operators
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We take care of your flight 24/7, 365 days a year
Strictly confidential
Private jet is a guarantee of your safety and protection of your personal space
3000 planes in 500 airports
Wide choice of business jets in Europe and Russia is a guarantee of the best flight and best price
Your aircraft park
Light Jets
Rent a board
2 800 – 5 500 €
Offer of the day
2 000 €
The approximate cost for 3 people is indicated in one direction.
Midsize Jets
Rent a board
10 000 – 15 500 €
Offer of the day
5 500 €
The approximate cost for 3 people is indicated in one direction.
Super-midsize jets
Rent a board
15 000 – 25 000 €
Offer of the day
8 500 €
The approximate cost for 3 people is indicated in one direction.
Heavy Jets
Rent a board
25 000 – 40 000 €
Offer of the day
15 500 €
The approximate cost for 3 people is indicated in one direction.
Long Range Jets
Rent a board
45 000 – 60 000 €
Offer of the day
25 000 €
The approximate cost for 3 people is indicated in one direction.
Business Liners
Rent a board
60 000 – 80 000 €
Offer of the day
35 000 €
The approximate cost.
Our experience is a guarantee of safety and trust of our clients
years on the market
flight hours
our jets flew around the Earth 20 times
models of business jets
Collect impressions
A remarkable atmosphere of romance

Having a first date literally in the clouds? Want to make an engagement and float on a cloud? We will gladly organize all of these unforgettable events on board of a private jet.

Team building and conferences

Create a team spirit or hold a business conference, we will offer all possible means of communication and gadgets for the presentation during the flight.

VIP transfer

Traditional comfort of the elite supercar is available even in an airport. We will pick a model, color and modification of the car, which suits your needs.

Favorite restaurant on board

We will offer you gourmet gastronomic specialties from the star restaurants of London, Nice, Moscow or deliver fine dining dishes from your favorite place. 


Never part with your pets, you and your children are so attached to them! We will take care of the veterinary control in the airport, the need for chipping, and will let you know to which countries a permit for entry of a pet is required.

Villa and yacht rental

We will help you choose a yacht or sailboat for a memorable trip along the azure coasts or in the open sea.
Villas, chalets, hotels – we know how to surprise you with delightful and luxurious views, which you do not want to let go.


Around the world in eighty days or seven? It only depends on your schedule. We will draw up a complete flight and accommodation plan, an excursion program or sightseeing visits. The jet will even take you to places, where there is no landing runway for large airliners.

Secret resorts of the world

Turtle Island, Scottish Hebrides, Northern Fjords – there are more than 5000 airports on the Earth in the unknown and clean corners, where you can fly exclusively on a private jet. 

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Tatiana Popova
Charters Luxury - the art of business aviation
For 4 years now our company has been improving in the most complicated of all arts - the art of business aviation. It is closely intertwined with the thirst for freedom and the passion of flight, the traditions of fine cuisine, the legacy of European luxury and the latest technologies of the coming future. We believe that private aviation is a diamond of the world aviation, capable of decorating the most distant journey, freeing of tiresome transfers and waiting at the airport, saving personal space and atmosphere of privacy.
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Mass-media about us

In the opinion CEO of Charters Luxury Tatiana Popova, the business aviation market, like the European one in general, is in a rather complicated but not critical condition, with the prospect of the nearest recovery.

Charters Luxury is one of the best worldwide services for private jets and exclusive services in the air. In the British tradition, an individual approach to each client is carried out. Offered as an order of a plane with the highest level of concierge service, and booking of empty legs on the system.

Our services are maximally adapted to the needs of each client. We offer the possibility of ordering an entire airplane with a top-level concierge service or booking an empty legs system, the cost of which often does not exceed the price of a business class ticket for a commercial airline.

The whole process takes place in a few clicks: it is enough to indicate the route of the flight and the desired date of departure on the site. After that, it remains to determine the aircraft class and the aircraft manufacturer.

The online platform provides a wide choice of directions and prices from operators, as well as a fast and convenient way of booking with direct access to the service 24 hours a day.

British company Charters Luxury announced the launch of an innovative platform for online booking of private jets, announcing its project simultaneously in Europe and Russia. The project was launched in July on the opening day of the international air show Farnborough 2014.

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